These period flats, so characteristic of Berlin and located in a typical neighbourhood, range from 2 to 4 bedrooms and from about 51 to 111 square metres in size. Tall ceilings and generous floor plans create a bright and open living ambience, making them perfectly suitable for singles, couples and small families. Many flats are moreover equipped with balconies, most of which face south and overlook the inner courtyard, or else they feature a bay window that lend a typical historic touch to the rooms.

The interior walls are either finished in white render or covered with wood chip wallpaper. All of the floors are classic board flooring, well or very well restored and in some places entirely replaced.

Most kitchens of these flats have been re-tiled, some of them feature a little pantry for extra storage. The bathrooms are also in a well-groomed state, the majority of them featuring windows and bathtubs.

Wherever the old plasterwork and old doors have been preserved, e.g. as sliding doors that connect rooms, the historic details add to the nostalgic touch of these period flats.

The property also includes two attic apartments with 2 bedrooms each. Both of these flats feature tub-equipped bathrooms with natural light, and a roof terrace each. There is no better place to enjoy city life on warm sunny days than up here.

ProjectFloorApartmentSizePriceStatusAvailabilitySend inquiryFlooplans
Weserstraße 30GFWE 170.39 m²not availableunrented
Weserstraße 30GFWE 2111.54 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 301stWE 360.74 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 301stWE 473.57 m²soldunrented
Weserstraße 301stWE 569.17 m²reservedunrented
Weserstraße 302ndWE 661.55 m²reservedavail let
Weserstraße 302ndWE 773.97 m²reservedavail let
Weserstraße 302ndWE 869.17 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 303rdWE 961.93 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 303rdWE 1074.45 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 303rdWE 1170.17 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 304thWE 1259.25 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 304thWE 1374.45 m²soldunrented
Weserstraße 304thWE 1467.47 m²soldunrented
Weserstraße 305thWE 1551.42 m²soldunrented
Weserstraße 305thWE 1651.47 m²soldavail let
Weserstraße 305thWE 1773.85 m²soldavail let


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Kantstraße 44/45
D-10625 Berlin

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Energy Pass:

  • Year built: 1900
  • Heating type: central heating
  • Fuel type/energy source: gas
  • Type of energy performance certificate: energy consumption certificate
  • Energy performance indicator: 132 kWh/sqm/year
  • Energy includes hot water: no
  • Energy efficiency class: E

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